Friday, August 3, 2012

Research Proposals and Your Insights

 What research do you think would prove valuable regarding the flipped class “ideology” and social studies education?


This fall, I will be conducting research to complete my MA (Computing in Education) at Columbia University (Teachers College).   If you are wondering how a teacher living in RI is doing this, I was part of the first completely online program offered by the college.   In sum, the program is spectacular and I fully recommend others to consider enrolling if looking for an advanced degree in instructional technology or related fields.

My integrative project (think thesis) is going to be based upon the flipped class “ideology” and social studies education.  Here are some of the possible ideas I have floating around in my head:

  • Aligning “flipped methods” with solid research on learning and cognition (with a focus on humanities)
  • Developing  Instructional Design Model(s) for flipping social studies
  • Comparing the types of flipping (traditional, mastery, explore-flip-apply) regarding their utility in social studies education
  • Incorporating PBL (both “Project-Based” and “Problem-Based”) into a flipped environment
  • Designing the physical (and digital) learning spaces in a flipped social studies classroom.

*** This is not meant to be a study that sets a “control” and “experiment” group that compares test scores.  I would rather focus more on theory and design of learning environments.

As you can see, I am a bit all over the map regarding this.   Since I have learned so much from you all on Twitter and through this blog, I am again reaching out to you for input, guidance, wisdom, and inspiration!  

What other topics (or those mentioned above) would you find useful in moving the conversation forward? 

Please comment below or contact me directly, it is greatly appreciated!