Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flipped Social Studies eSeminar August 23rd

I invite readers to join me as I host a free eSeminar (webinar) on August 23rd at 1pm called "Flipped Social Studies." This eSeminar will introduce participants to the ways that social studies teachers are tailoring the flipped class approach to the types of instruction and student learning particular to this discipline. The event is for all social studies teachers interested in sharing flipped learning experiences with others, as well as those who are just beginning to explore the ins and outs of flipping a social studies class.

Although the live eSeminar only runs from 1-2pm, there is an accompanying platform (course) to collaborate with others and access resources.  I encourage those who are considering attending to join the free "course" ahead of time to view the resources and familiarize yourself with the layout. (The LMS platform used for this is EDUonGO).  You may also ask questions and post comments in the discussion stream before, during and after the eSeminar.  If there are any particular topics that you would like addressed, feel free to post a comment in the course or to this blog.

 Click Here to Join the Flipped Social Studies eSeminar "Course"
(Main eSeminar Page)

     Proposed Agenda (Flexible Based Upon Attendees Interests)
  1. What is Flipped Learning?
  2. Flipping Social Studies
  3. PHS Case Study
  4. Cross-Country Tour of Flipped Social Studies Teachers
  5. Q & A
  6. Joining the Flipped Social Studies Community
I hope many of you will be able to attend!  If you are not available during that time, which is completely understandable during the hectic end-of-summer days, I hope you can join the course and collaborate with others in the flipped social studies community.

*** The live eSeminar will be recorded and archived within the course for those who are not available at that specific time.