Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flipping 2.0: Technology For Students

Flipping 2.0 Book Chat

This Tuesday (9/17/13) I will be co-moderating a Flipping 2.0 book chat along with Jason Bretzmann and Troy Cockrum.   The chat will be based upon (but not limited to) our technology-themed chapters.  Follow #Flipping20 at 9pm ET to take part in this lively discussion.

Chapter Preview: "Technology for Students"

Brian Germain and I wrote"Technology for Students" to shift the conversation from teachers' tech use towards practical strategies for integrating student-centered technology in your flipped class.

Our chapter begins with a brief overview of our journey into flipping, one that like most other teachers began with teacher-centered technology.  After describing the various tools that we leveraged to record, archive, and deliver direct instruction, we explain why we shifted our focus towards student use of technology. The remainder and bulk of our chapter then discusses examples from that classroom that illustrate student-centered technology use, such as:

Utilizing LMS Tools for Students
Student Screencasting
Google Apps Collaboration
Leveraging Social Media
Fostering Inquiry, Autonomy and Empowerment
Content Curation
Content Creation
Programming & App Development
& Gamification

Here is a quote from the chapter the I think demonstrates our overarching theme:

"Students are empowered to harness the power of modern technologies to have an active role in the construction of their learning. A key to motivating students...[is to] help them find a way to motivate themselves.  Provide the scaffolding that will make them successful for life after high school when they will need to follow the compass of their inner drive, because very few people on the outside will be offering directions."
- p. 180-181, "Technology for Students" in 

Introductory Video

Below is a brief video that I created to introduce the chapter.  (Click Here to View on YouTube)

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