Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Method For Mastery

About six weeks ago, Tina Rosenberg from the New York Times contacted me regarding an article that she was writing for the "Fixes" column.  After writing an initial article about Flipped Classrooms, she was interested in how educators were evolving beyond the traditional flipped approach (i.e. video lectures for homework / homework in class.)

After contacting Flipped Learning pioneer Jon Bergmann to experience his story and viewpoints on the topic, I was referred to her by Jon to describe how I have similarly merged my flipped classroom with mastery learning.  After speaking with Tina for about 45 minutes, it was clear how passionate she was about this topic, particularly how flipping enables educators to be creative and innovate at the classroom level.  I was surprised at how interested she was not only in mastery learning, but also how we have "gamified" our World History courses at PHS.  As I mentioned to her, once you transition towards a mastery learning environment, adding game layers to the class is not as difficult as one might think.

Here is the link to the Times article, "In Flipped Classrooms, A Method For Mastery."  Overall, Tina did a great job explaining the convergence of Flipped Classrooms and mastery learning.  Any comments that you have regarding the column (or my approach in general) is of course welcome.