Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Level Up With Gamification" Event Archive

I recently had the fortune of again teaming up with colleague Brian Germain and the team at Highlander Institute to conduct our "Level Up With Gamification" event.  As expected, Brian rocked it with his contagious enthusiasm, while Shawn Rubin of Highlander did an awesome job with the logistics and providing us with incredible feedback.  The teachers and administrators who attended did a great job of diving right into our competitions and asked thoughtful questions throughout.  I'd also like to thank Roshni Mirchandi for providing great feedback for us as well via the Edthena platform and for attending last week's session.

For those who could not attend either event but are interested in gamification, I have included the Google Presentation and video archive below.  The presentation is from our most recent event (12/12), while the video is from our previous session (11/14).  Although we made a few improvements to the recent event, the video from the first still aligns well with the Google Presentation below.

Level Up Google Presentation (12/12/13)

Level Up Video Archive (11/14/13)

 As always, please reach out and connect with us if you have any questions or comments.  Level up!