Friday, February 7, 2014

"1 Minute Pitch" Videos for 20 Time

We've made several changes to this year's 20 Time project, thanks in large part to my awesome PLN that shares their 20 Time resources and reflections regularly, particularly Karl LS.   (If unfamiliar w/ 20 Time projects, here is a great place to start)

One big change has been a focus on the "pitch."

By November, most students had completed their 20 Time Proposals and were ready for the next step. Before diving right in, we instead spent a couple weeks developing 1 minute pitch videos. They completed this form to help organize their thoughts and develop a script.  Then, each team went into the "green screen room"  (vacant office in the back of the library) to film their videos.

In general, each video needed the following components:  Project Title, Problem/Issue, Your Product (Solution), Audience, and Closing Statement.

Although some took this process less seriously than others, I think that it still helped all students think more deeply about the purpose of their 20 Time projects while also taking more ownership of their work.  

Here are a few samples of their pitch videos from December:

Volleyball: Will You Play Today?