Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FlipCon14 Coming Together

The 7th Annual Flipped Learning Conference will be held June 23-25th (outside Pittsburgh) and the sessions and events are all starting to come together.  I along with several members of my PLN were excited to hear this week that presentations have been accepted, now it's just a matter of booking the flight!  I can't wait to meet, collaborate, and learn with so many awesome people that I've known via Twitter/GHOs/etc but never have had the opportunity to actually meet in person.

I encourage anyone interested in Flipped Learning to consider making the trip to PA, it is going to be an incredible event!  If being there in person isn't possible, there is also the Virtual Conference.  I actually participated in the virtual event for the past two years.  The sessions are streamed live with a backchannel that encourages virtual attendees to ask questions during each presentation.  The videos are then archived for about six months for you to view, which is great since you can take your time going through great resource.  

For those interested, here are the sessions that I am Leading or Co-Presenting at FlipCon14:

- Level Up With Gamification (Co-Presenter - Brian Germain

- EdTech to Democratize Your Flipped Class (Co-Presenter - Jason Bretzmann)

- The Places You'll Go.  From Flipping 101 to Flipping 2.0.  (Lead Presenter - Jason Bretzmann)

- Panel Discussion -  Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement (with fellow co-authors...)

I hope to see many of you in PA this June!