Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gamification PD With Viewing Guide

I was recently contacted by Carl Harrington, Social Studies Dept. Head at East Wake Academy in North Carolina.  He wanted to share the Level up With Gamification video with his staff and decided that to help them "Eat the Elephant"  (Carl's awesome word choice), he created this timestamped outline of the PD session.  A big thanks go out to Carl and I hope that this outline proves helpful to anyone interested in gamification.  The outline here is accompanied by the embedded video further below.  (If you view on Youtube, timestamped links are included in "about" section.) 

Level Up with Gamification Viewing Guide
:50     Sorting game to create groups
2:41   Tie-breaker activity to determine the winner of the sorting game
6:00   Nail game
8:30   Overview
10:00  What does it mean to Gamify?
12:00  Why Gamify? (Connection to brain-based and mastery learning)
14:30  Grading “Earning” the grade rather being “given” the grade
19:00  Creating Levels and Level Challenges
23:00  Mechanics of Creating a Gamified Class
25:40  Leveling
26:20  Badges and Achievements
29:00  XP and Leaderboards
30:15  Team Missions
31:06  Creating a Narrative 
33:30  Managing the Gamified Classroom
34:00  Mission Guides and Learning Maps
37:00  Progress Monitoring
38:00  Swiping in
40:30  Mission Progress/ Rundown
42:00  Tech Integration
42:00  LMS System
45:50  Google Apps
47:00  Empowerment
49:46  Pacing
52:00  Challenges
53:00  Achievements
56:00  Student Viewpoints
1:03:01   Level up Button  (Immediate Feedback)
1:04:40   Changes and Improvements
1:05:15   Augmented Reality
1:11:00   Question and Answer

Level Up With Gamification Video (View on YouTube)