Friday, April 11, 2014

AR Projects With Aurasma

Since first discovering augmented reality and recognizing the tremendous potential that it has in education, I have been trying to develop ways to effectively integrate this incredible technology in our history courses.  Since then we have used Aurasma for two major and ongoing class projects...

AR Wall

Students used Aurasma to create primary source images that "come to life."  They first identified images for their world religions project, then created short videos explaining the source as well as its significance.  These images were then taped to a wall so that anyone with the app could view the aura videos as they hovered over each trigger image.   (See video below)

AR Text

Similarly, the AP European History students have been tagging primary source images in our textbook with videos explaining their meaning and historical significance.  Now, when students hover their device over images throughout the book, videos of their classmates will appear providing them with additional insight.  Certainly a new way to review for the AP test!

Below is a quick video that students created demonstrating how Aurasma was used for each project. (View on YouTube)