Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gamification Series Part 8: Badges & Achievements

Another gamification element that we have incorporated into our course has been the awarding of badges and achievements to provide positive feedback and recognition throughout each scenario.  The types of badges changes throughout the year to keep students engaged while also recognizing a wider range of positive actions, accomplishments, and behaviors.

We did this in a rather "low -tech" way.  I simply created a Google presentation for each scenario with slides for each achievement along with a badge icon and the student's name.  (sample embedded below).

World History Scenario 1 Achievements

There are, however, more "official" ways to use badge systems.  For instance, some learning platforms have a badge system built in, such as Edmodo and 3D Gamelab.  You could also use ClassBadges.com, a new service I am hearing very positive reviews about from educators.  Here is a quick overview of ClassBadges if interested:

However you choose to do so, providing students with frequent positive feedback for their accomplishments and behaviors helps improve the classroom atmosphere and keep students more engaged in the learning process.


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