Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gamification Series Part 11: Leaderboards

Going hand-in-hand with the XP grading system is our use of three different Leaderboards.  Since quick feedback and the ability to track progress are major components of gamification, I consider some type of leaderboard essential. (Particularly if you are promoting the spirit of competition in your gamified course.) 

The Individual Leaderboard displays the high XP scores for individual students across classes.  The Team Leaderboard displays the combined scores of students in each team. Finally, the Class Leaderboard pits each class against each other in a head-to-head competition. (Screenshots below)

Although a Leaderboard can be tracked and displayed by simply writing the top scores on a class whiteboard, I was looking for a way to do so more effectively (and efficiently!)   Luckily, I came across Michael Matera's incredible "Gamification Grading Sheet."  The screenshots below demonstrate how the script can be used to enter data and display information for students in various ways.  (If you are looking for another way to create leaderboards, I believe the 3D Gamelab has a leaderboard feature on their platform, so check that out.)  


1. If displaying your leaderboard online, make sure to consider student privacy.  For instance, if it will be a "public" document, make sure real names are not included (ex. nicknames / avatars).  I would suggest keeping the document "private" or only displaying to students within your LMS.  Also, if posting a screenshot (as I did above), make sure to blur out names.

2. Consider only displaying the "top scores" to the entire class.  Although I haven't experienced this at PHS, other teachers have voiced concern that students towards the bottom of the leaderboard may react negatively to the fact that the entire class knows where they are. 

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