Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ISTE & FlipCon (In Pictures)

Instead of attempting to summarize my incredible trips to Flipcon and ISTE, here is a collection of images from these events that I think exemplify the best part of these conferences: experiences and relationships.  

FlipCon 14 (Mars, PA)

Welcome to Mars!
The residents of Mars, PA hosted a great event for us that included local food, a car show, a miniature train, and of course, the Mars space ship.

Opening Keynote


Flipping Social Studies Event

"Level Up with Gamification & Game Based Learning" Featured Session

Flipping 2.0 Panel Discussion

A Night at the Carnegie Science Center
Yes, that is Aaron Sams and David Fouch standing in for the "14."

Watching "Back to the Moon" in the Planetarium

"Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement" Book Signing

Flipping With Hip Hughes
Yup, that is David Fouch featured in this video created during Keith Hughes' awesome session.

Closing Keynote

Mastery Learning Cycles
True, these are not pictures, but this session was incredible.  Here are a few screenshots from Hassan Wilson's presentation.  Check out his Flipcon recap post here

ISTE2014 (Atlanta, GA)

Meeting FlipCon Crew Upon Arrival

The Blogger's Cafe

Meeting Karl, Enough Said

ISTE Young Educators Network

Testing Out The New Anatomy 4D App in Blogger's Cafe

Playing With Sphero in Blogger's Cafe

Team Highlander


As the cliche' goes, that was just the tip of the iceberg.  I had the opportunity to meet and have incredible conversations with countless other educators throughout both conferences.  Although learning online through social media is valuable, I had underestimated the power of face-to-face conversations at events such as these.  

Whether it is an informal meet-up with 5-10 educators, or it is the ISTE conference with thousands, I urge everyone to reach out beyond the social media platform and strengthen relationships by attending live events when possible.  Of course, it is not always feasible due to cost, family commitments, etc.  I just suggest doing so when you can and making the most out of every opportunity you have!