Sunday, November 16, 2014

5 Minute Guide to Kahoot

Since last summer, several colleagues have mentioned how much their students enjoy playing "Kahoot."  We educators hear claims about this "great new app" or "awesome new website" daily, so its difficulty to discern the trend-chasing hype from resources that are actually worth-while.  After my wife Michaela (an excellent science teacher at Coventry High School) mentioned how her students love playing review games with this "new site called Kahoot," I knew it was time to check it out.

I gave it a shot a few weeks ago by creating one called "Halloween History."  It went so well, students asked when the next time they could play would be and if Kahoots could replace our existing review game.  In preparation for a recent Civics quiz, I then created this 13 Colonies Challenge.  Long story short, this is a classroom tool that seems poised to stay.

Here is a quick rundown of what Kahoot is and why I like it:
  1. Kahoot is a student-response system with built-in game elements.
  2. The game elements (ex. pts awarded based upon accuracy & speed, leaderboard...) make it much more fun and engaging for students.  
  3. It is very easy to create and set up games.
  4. The gameplay is very streamlined and simple to administer in class. (minimal steps, no log-ins, clear visuals...)
  5. There is a growing collection of pre-made public Kahoots to choose from.
I have also created this quick "5 Minute Guide to Kahoot" (also embedded below) to help you set up and play in class in no time!