Sunday, January 18, 2015

Flipped Civics Videos: Semester 1 Playlist

We wrapped up Semester 1 at PHS last week and our first set of Flipped Civics videos are now complete.  Students used these resources to study for each unit test as well as the upcoming Midterm Exam.  Each video is linked below:

Complete Civics Playlist Here
(Also Embedded Below)

Video 1: Why Do We Have Governments?
Video 2: What Is A Sovereign State?
Video 3: Who Rules? (Types of Government)
Video 4: What Is Civic Virtue?
Video 5: Why and How Is Government Limited?
Video 6: What Caused the American Revolution?
Video 7: What Ideas About Government Are Contained in the Declaration of Independence?
Video 8: What Were the Articles of Confederation and How Were They Flawed?
Video 9: What Were the Major Debates at the Constitutional Convention?
Video 10: What Does the Preamble Actually Mean?
Video 11: 5 Minute Guide to the Constitution
Video 12: Are Obama's Executive Actions on Immigration Constitutional?

Videos coming up for next semester will focus on Congress, the Executive Branch, Civil Rights & Liberties, Court Cases, Political Parties, Elections & more...  If you have any suggestions for future videos, please let us know!