Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mastery Learning Research & Case Studies

Starting next fall, our social studies department is rolling out a true mastery (competency-based) learning system across all core subjects and grade levels.  As I've mentioned in prior posts, our pilot this spring has led us to realize how much planning and preparation is needed to effectively implement this approach.  Before nailing down all of the logistical details for 2015-2016, we have decided to revisit the research on mastery learning and standards-based grading. We will also find and evaluate several case studies of effective implementation throughout the country.   

Since many of you may be considering a shift towards mastery learning and/or standards-based grading in the future, I am sharing out our Google Drive folder containing research and resources.  We will be adding more that we find pertinent and useful over the next several months.

Click here to view the "Mastery Learning / SBG Resource Folder"

*** If you come across any other research and resources that you think would be helpful, please share and it will be added to the collection!